Monday February 27, 2017
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The following companies will attend the CCSA, Miami, 2008. More to be announced...
ACA International
Access Receivables
ACYC Procesos de Recuperación, S.C.
Administradora de Crédito e Inversiones Vission Ltda
Agropecuaria Financiera, S. A. DE C. V.
AKWA-IBOM State Goverment
ARIAL International
Banco caja Social
Banco Falabella
Banco Patagonia
Banesco Banco Universal
Citicards (U.S)
Clariant SA
Collections Marketing Center
CR Software
CRIF North America
Data Crédito
DBA International
Estudio Echarri Jauregui & Asociados
Fair Isaac Corporation
Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
First Annapolis Consulting
Florida State University
GE Money
Gestionadora de créditos
GF Cobranzas Jurídicas
Grupo Consultor Andino Ltda
Grupo Jurad
International Risk Management Group
Johnson Controls
Juridicos Enriquez, Rodríguez y Asoc.
Kaulkin Ginsberg
Kobranzas SAC
KSL Associados SC. LTDA.
Matic-Kard S.A
MC Global Services Analise E Recuperacao De Credito LTDA
Mi Banco de la Microempresa S.A.
Moody's |
National Bank Financial Group
NCO Financial Systems, Inc
Paschoalotto Interation Center Gestão Empresarial
Political and Economic Research Council
Promigas A.A.
Publicitas Charney
S.C. Riverside, Inc
Servicobranzas S.A.
Silvia Rodriguez & Asociados
Siscom Sistema De Cobrança Modular
Thornton Americas Holdings
Universidad Nacional Experimental de Guayana
Weltman, Weinberg - Reis Co., Lpa
The following companies have been invited to attend the CCSA, Miami 2008.
Yuma Regional Medical Center
World's Foremost Bank
Wells Fargo Foothill-Lender Finance
Wells Fargo Financial Resources
Wells Fargo Card Services
Wells Fargo Bank
Washington Mutual Card Services
Verizon Wireless
US Bank Corp
University of Texas Southwestern
University of Iowa
University Medical Center
Union Financial Corporation
Union Bank of California N.A.
Tucson Medical Center
T-Mobile USA, Inc.
The University Physicians
Texas Health Resource
TDS Telecom
TDS Metrocom
Target Financial Services
Sun Trust Banks, Inc.
Sterling Jewelers, Inc.
State Farm Bank
Stanford University Hospital and Clinics
St. John's Health Center
St. Francis Health Center
St. Charles Medical Center
San Antonio Community
RBS Citizens / Royal Bank of Scotland
Qwest Wholesale
Qwest Communications
Presidio Financial, LLC
Premier Bankcard
Pentagon Federal Credit Union
Norfolk Financial Corporation
Mercy Hospital
Mercedes Benz Financial
Memorial Hospital
McKenzie-Willamette Medical Center
Mayo Clinics
Maricopa Medical Center
Mako Financial Services, Inc.
Lucile Packard
Kinetic Concepts Inc.
JPMorgan Chase Bank
John C. Linclon
Jefferson Capital Systems, LLC
Iowa Clinic
Investors Mortgage Corporation
I H S - Trinity Medical Center
I H S - St. Luke's Regional Med Center
I H S - St. Luke's Hospital
I H S - Grundy County Memorial
I H S - Community Memorial
I H S - Allen Memorial
Health Enterprises
Health Blueprints, Inc.
GE Money Americas
Fremont Area Medical Center
Florida Hospital
First Natl Bank of Omaha
First Horizon Home Loans
Fifth Third Bank
Federated Financial Corporation of America
DT. Credit Corporation
Discover Financial Services LLC
Dell Financial Services
Crescent Bank & Trust
Credit One Bank
CorTrust Bank
Compass Bank
Columbia Credit Union
Cincinnati Bell
Chrysler Financial
Christiana Care Hospital System
Childrens Hospital
Chase Card Services
Chase Auto Finance
CCB Credit Services, Inc.
Card Acquisition, LLC
Capital One Financial Services
Capital One Credit Services, Inc.
Capital Financial Group, Inc.
Boys Town National Research Hospital
Barclaycard US
Bank of America Corporation
Applied Card Bank
AmeriCredit Corp.
American General Finance
American Express Cards
Alegent Health, Community Memorial Hospital
Alegent Health, Community Memorial Hospital
Alegent Health Lakeside Hospital
Alegent Health - CBO
Adventist Health System Sunbelt 
Adventist Health System Midwest Region
Access Credit
1st Financial Bank USA
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